Management system for everything O&M: SCADA, datasheets, change-logs,  CAD Design files, and warranty documents at one place. Integrated Ticketing & Post-ticketing SOPs for smooth operations.



Management system for O&M: SCADA, CAD, documents, and ticketing at one place.



Structuring O&M: manage module/vegetation cleaning vendors & component service reports. 



Drone thermography, IV curve tracing. Monitor production from a centralised Control Centre.

SCADA Integration

Monitor your plant in real-time from anywhere. Works directly with most popular brands of SCADA systems – integration with no additional capital costs.  Automatically archive production data with thematic maps to view performance and production for any date or time.

Ticketing with repair SOPS

Ticketing and workflow management system integrated with your asset’s digital twin. Ground crew can have pre-defined SOPs for corrective actions along with an easy conversational platform to share live updates from the site.

Document & CAD Management

Document, Index, and version control every change as the asset ages. A secure platform for storing and sharing CAD layouts, data-sheets, warranty documents, inspections reports from vendors, and financial documents. A Google Drive for enterprise grade solar asset management. 

SCADA Integration
Document Archive
CAD Version Control
Post-Ticket SOPs
Issue History

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