Structure routine O&M tasks in a data-oriented manner. Module/vegetation cleaning managed on the visualAI App. Google Map like navigation for traversing at the site.



Management system for O&M: SCADA, CAD, documents, and ticketing at one place.



Structuring O&M: manage module/vegetation cleaning vendors & component service reports. 



Drone thermography, IV curve tracing. Monitor production from a centralised Control Centre.

Module Cleaning Management

37% of solar plants are not regularly cleaned even after having a dedicated cleaning team (internal or vendor). With visualAI’s cleaning management App, your teams update the cleaning status daily. The software auto-prepares the cleaning schedule by tracking SCADA, WMS, and billing cycles.  

Google Map like Navigation

The power of navigation – now for solar farms. Enter the inverter ID, string/block details, or SMB number and start navigating through the site. Easiest way to increase your team’s daily throughput.

Shading Analysis

Shading, if left uncorrected, not only brings down the production but also causes permanent damage to the modules. visualAI’s algorithms simulate the effect of shadows at your site using drone imagery leading to all modules under shading being identified. 

Module Cleaning Management
Vegetation Management
Shading Analysis
Site Navigation
Module Tilt Management
Inverter, SMB Report Integration

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