End-to-end asset management: Drone thermography, IV curve tracing integrated with SCADA. Monitor Production, tickets, and progress on a centralised Control Centre.



Management system for O&M: SCADA, CAD, documents, and ticketing at one place.



Structuring O&M: manage module/vegetation cleaning vendors & component service reports. 



Drone thermography, IV curve tracing. Monitor production from a centralised Control Centre.

Drone Thermography

*According to a research by DuPont, 2% of solar panels are likely to develop hotspots, and hence have lower production, within the first year of installation. Since the panels are in series, the overall production impact is much greater than 2%.

Timely identification & corrective actions restore a significant percentage (1 – 2%) of a site’s potential DC energy that is unavailable. Our drones can inspect a 100MW site in less than a week’s time.

SCADA Analytics

A 100MW plant generates an average of 200GB worth of SCADA data every month – that is never monitored, analysed or used for increasing production. 

visualAI’s SCADA analytics system uses machine learning to identify patterns like unusually high string degradation, correlation of string performance with thermography/IV, identification of weather/irradiance corrected string performance, etc. 

Works directly with the most popular brands of SCADA systems – integration with no additional capital costs. 

I-V Curve Testing

Integrate the routine I-V Curve tracing with your Drone Thermography and SCADA analytics platform. This leads to a more conclusive and actionable result leading to real performance increments. 

Drone Thermography
SCADA Analytics
IV Curve Testing
RFID: Module Serial Number
Control Centre Software
ERP Sync

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