On-site EL Imaging
For PV Modules

Technology Background

On-site portable detector unit that captures EL Images of PV Modules, reverse biased using an external power supply.

Key Issues Identified

Hidden cell level defects arising out of manufacturing issues or due to improper shipping, installation, and O&M lapses.

Key Outcomes Expected

Discovery of active and quality (or homogeneity) of cells in PV Module. Stronger case for Insurance and Warranty claims.

Visible results consistently


Modules Tested




% RoI Achieved

IEC Compliant

Our proprietary technology offers best in class resolution and speed while still being compliant with the IEC TS 60904-13:2018 standards.

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Useful throughout the PV Lifecycle

Inherent defects can be detected at all stages - starting from manufacturing, transportation & shipping damage to improper installation or force majeure events.

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