Hotspot Causes: Electrical Balance of System

Oct 23, 2018

Electrical Balance Of System (BOS) components is considered one of the major failure points in PV installations. When it comes to the delivery of power to the grids which have been produced by the modules, every component on the DC side is considered essential that is from the module interconnections up to and including the inverter. Interestingly, this also happens in a hierarchical manner, for example, the higher up the chain the component is present, the greater its defect would impact the failure to power production and ultimately, site revenue.


When there is a fault in the electrical BOS chain, electricity gets burnt off locally as heat in the panels itself as the electricity produced by the panels are not conducive for proper extraction.


visualAI’s deep learning empowered algorithms help to draw a solid return by offering cheaper and more accurate automated PM electrical measurements in place of costly manual ones. As per reports, ground-based panel testing finds only 21% of faults and issues found by panel testing. Our software makes this process even smoother. With our informative reports detailing the exact location and the exact fault, the technician on the ground saves precious time and gets to the cause without any delays.


In our experience, we see that nearly 1.3% of DC energy of a solar farm is inaccessible or absent, even after preventative measures being followed. With such phantom losses, the solar farm is losing unidentified revenue. visualAI bridges this gap by identifying these losses and causing fast and effective treatment of critical issues.